We Offer a Broad Range of Consulting Services

Fire Testing

The Fire Solutions Group (FSG) is focused on providing the expertise to suit your fire testing needs. Weather it be product approval testing (UL/FM/ETL), fire performance test, forensic, bench scale, or large scale testing the FSG has the manpower and access to state of the art fire facilities to meet your needs.

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Product Development

We have contributed during the product development stages, and have developed products ourselves bringing technologies form the R&D stage to market. We can assist with IP issues and product design changes.

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Listing Services

FSG personnel have navigated Factory Mutual (FM) approvals, Intertek (ETL), and Underwriter Laboratory (UL) listings for both detection and suppression equipment as well as European and Australian certifications.

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Smoke Control Systems Engineering

We prepare rational analysis reports for the design of smoke control systems, using the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) model for atrium smoke control system design and the CONTAM building airflow model for high-rise and zoned pressurization smoke control system design. We perform commissioning testing to verify smoke control system performance and peer review of performance-based designs.

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Evacuation Analysis

FSG personnel have performed evacuation analysis for stadiums, airports, casinos, large multi-use facilities, and historic structures. We have performed evacuation analysis for a range of threats, including fire, active shooter, bomb threat, and severe weather scenarios. We have used a range of evacuation models, such as Pathfinder, Mass Motion, and EXODUS  to perform these evaluations.

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Risk Management and Mitigation

We have performed risk management studies for a range of facilities to evaluate and assess existing conditions and potential risk mitigation measures. We prepare emergency management plans and fire hazard analysis both independently and as part of the overall risk management evaluation.

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3D Scanning

We have the ability to 3D scan facilities. We use the latest technologies to scan using IR or Lidar to create accurate 3D models of the facilities. From these scans you can virtually visit the site saving travel costs or create CAD files for design work.

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Fire Vision AR

Augmented Reality is a new way to organize and display critical fire protection information. Fire Vision is a platform for storing and visualizing this information so it is accessible while on the move at your fingertips.

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Leadership Team

Recognized experts and distinguished fire safety professionals to help you at The Fire Solutions Group

James Andy Lynch, CEO

Andy is the founder of Fire Solutions Group (FSG) and has extensive experience developing and testing new technologies to identify market opportunities and potential applications and obtain the appropriate listings for use. He has developed and tested Video Image Detection technologies, evaluated sprinklers and open head nozzles, tested water additives, and worked with NFPA, UL, and FM to develop new code and testing standards.

We are committed to providing the expertise, training, and equipment to suit your fire hazard needs. Regardless of the size or type of business operation, FSG has the manpower, experience, and access to state of the art fire protection equipment to assist you.

Recognized experts and distinguished fire safety professionals to help you at The Fire Solutions Group

Michael Ferreira, COO

Mike is a recognized expert in fire protection engineering, having particular expertise in smoke control system design / modeling / testing, performance-based design, people movement and evacuation modeling, and risk analysis. He has also performed building airflow modeling for the purposes of designing CBRN systems and choosing optimum chemical / biological agent detection locations. Mike has conducted various non-fire threat assessments, including active shooter, bomb threat and other threat scenarios. He has served as a member of the NFPA Committee on Smoke Management Systems for over 20 years, is a co-author of the ASHRAE Smoke Control Handbook, and is a past instructor for both the SFPE and NFPA smoke control seminars.